F is for Freeholders’ Lists

These lists of men who held freehold property were drawn up between 1692 and 1730, in order to record those eligible for jury service. Those for Devon, which are incorporated into the Quarter Sessions records, have been indexed by Friends of Devon Archives. These provide us with lists of the better off men in Buckland Brewer in the eighteenth century. See also the information on the Genuki Devon site (scroll down for Buckland Brewer).

The 1733 list is below

John Davie, esq
William Turner, gentleman
Zachary Chapman, gentleman
John Caddy
James Rowse, yeoman
Humphry Cole, yeoman
John Rowcliffe, yeoman
Henry Heard, yeoman
James Avery, yeoman
John Blight, yeoman
John Stapledon, yeoman
Edward Luxton, yeoman


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  1. I have never been called onto a jury. Interesting stuff here!

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