975-981 The Manor of ‘Orlege’ (Orleigh) is given to Tavistock Abbey by Ordulf by right of his wife Ælfwyn

1086 42 villains, 5 craftsmen, 3 swineherds and 7 labourers live in Buckland

1198 Orleigh Court granted to the Dennis family by Tavistock Abbey

1202 The Brewer family acquire the manor of Buckland, giving it the second part of its name

1223/4 William Brewer gives the church of ‘Bokeland’ to the Canons of Torre Abbey

1279 The first known vicar, Sir Walter de Denetone, is inducted

1290 The abbot of Dunkeswell procures for Buckland Brewer a weekly Wednesday Market and a 3 day fair 14th-16th August

1297 The first recorded vicar of Buckland Brewer, Sir Walter de Denetone was inducted

1399 Church struck by lightening and destroyed

1416/7 Elizabeth Bowhay of Orleigh Court was granted a license to hold divine service in her oratory at Orleigh

1539 The living at Buckland Brewer passed from the patronage of the Abbot and Convent of Torre Abbey to the crown

1544 Manor of Buckland Brewer sold to George Rolle of Stevenstone

1660s Likely population under 300

1665 Sir John Rolle procures grant for fairs on Whit Monday and 2 November

1673 Vicarage built

1684 Orleigh Court sold to John Davie of Bideford

1744 ‘Above 100 families’ live in the parish – approximately 500 people

1752 William Paxton instituted as vicar

1769 Thursday 2nd March church struck by lightening

1779 143 families live in the parish – approximately 700 people

1787 Bequest by Hester Turner to provide for the poor of Buckland Brewer

1799 William Reed junior (future Bible Christian Leader), son of William and Catherine Reed née Nancekivell was born at Holwell Farm, Buckland Brewer

1801 Population 872,  430 males, 432 females, 164 families. 152 inhabited houses, 11 empty. 627 employed in agriculture, 140 in manufactures, 105 other

1808 First Methodist sermon preached by Mr Sleep in the Club Room (used by the Friendly Society) of the Bell Inn (owned by the Daniels family)

1808 Wesleyan Methodist Services held in the home of Mr and Mrs Curtis

1811 Population 787

1815 William O’Bryan and James Thorne (founders of Bible Christians) preach at Tithecott and dine at Holwell Farm, home of the Reed family. James Thorne later married Catherine Reed, daughter of William and Catherine Reed née Nancekivell

1819 1st June (day of the village revels) William Reed and Samuel Thorne et al preach on Village Green. Reed and Thorne were arrested – Reed fined £2

1819 Bible Christians begin meeting in private homes

1821 Population 1043

1825 Church bells recast in a peel of 6 by William and John Taylor

1827 Mr Robert and Mrs Alice Curtis née Verney give a cottage on their farm for a Wesleyan Methodist Chapel and Sunday School (now a private house)

1830 28 February Bible Christian Salem Chapel, Thornhillhead opened with chapel, school and graveyard

1831 Population 1096

1832 Licence for Bible Christians to preach in the home of John Hancock

1833 4 day schools, one by subscription, for 22 boys and 15 girls master’s salary £24 p.a. Other 3 between catered them for 47 boys and 30 girls at the expense of parents. In addition, an Anglican Sunday School provided for 35 boys and 25 girls and a Wesleyan Sunday school for 35 boys and 32 girls, both by subscription

1835 a harvest festival is held at Thornhillhead Chapel, predating the ‘first’ harvest festival introduced by Revered Hawker of Morwenstowe

1840 Robert Heal granted land at Eckworthy for a Baptist Chapel at peppercorn rent of 4d p.a. co-founder John Richards (born c. 1803 Langtree) formerly a town missionary in Barnstaple, now a grocer in Tithacott, Buckland Brewer became the first pastor

1841 Population 1103, 200 inhabited houses, 18 uninhabited

1842 Methodist Chapel buildings on site of post office extended

1842 Twitchin/Cannapark Bible Christian Chapel opened

1846 New vicarage built

1847 Zion Baptist Chapel erected according to 1851 religious census  (? A rebuild?)

1851 Population 977, 187 inhabited houses, 22 uninhabited, 1 being built

1854 Local stable converted to Bible Christian Chapel

1854 Llewellyn Harvey, a sweep from Buckland Brewer, is hung at Exeter for the murder of Mary Richards in Taddiport

1854 800 people attend a teetotal meeting at Buckland Brewer

1857 Bible Christians purchase Ash House (adjoining their existing chapel/former stable) from Anne Clarke and John Eddy – became Providence Bible Christian Chapel (on site of current chapel). NB Robert and Ann Clark née Rowcliffe living Dennises (Chapel Square) in 1851

1861 Population 922

1862 Cottage on the farm of Bartholomew Fulford rebuilt for use as Wesleyan Chapel (now the post office) (says Rogers but Bartholomew died in 1858) – should this be 1842? Snetzler agrees chapel rebuilt 1862

1863 Thornhillhead Bible Christian Chapel enlarged

1863 Fire in Buckland Brewer Village

1869 The Rogers family come to Orleigh Court

1871 Population 814

1872 East Putford and Bulkworthy cease to be chapelries of Buckland Brewer

1874 John Ingle Dredge instituted as Vicar of St. Mary and St. Benedict

1875 Work begins on Buckland Brewer Village School

1877 Extensive renovations to St. Mary and St. Benedict, following a storm

1877 Buckland Brewer Village School opens George Hustwaite headteacher

1878 Sunday School built at Thornhillhead later used as council school (1930s)

1878 Repairs to the Baptist Chapel carried out at a cost of £25 – paid by John Bentley from Manchester – who had taken over Eckworthy Farm

1880 School opens at Thornhillhead, with Georgina Maria Lake as teacher and 29 pupils

1881 Population 787

1882 Alfred Parr Headteacher of Buckland Brewer Village School

1888 John T S Varcoe Headteacher of Buckland Brewer Village School

1891 Population 684

1892 Tom Bell Headteacher of Buckland Brewer Village School

1899 Church Bells recast by John Taylor of Loughborough

1901 Population 645. 266 live in the village itself in 66 dwellings. 21 of these had less than 5 rooms

1903 Bible Christian Chapel fell into disrepair in 1900 and was demolished and rebuilt on same site (current chapel) in 1903. Revd Thomas Braund gave scripture reading at opening ceremony

1907 Bible Christians join with New Church Connexion to become United Methodists

1908 Freehold for Methodist Chapel (the old village shop) granted by Lord Clinton (100th anniversary)

1911 Population 641

1911 The Parish Room (now the Village Hall) was erected

1914-1918 Services in Bible Christian Chapel (current chapel) twice each Sunday until first world war when services were shared with Wesleyan Methodist (the old village shop). This predated union in other areas and Buckland Brewer held up as an example of union

1916 Reverend Henry George Burden instituted as vicar of St. Mary and St. Benedict

1920 Unveiling of the War Memorial by Colonel R A Moore-Stevens

1921 Population 593

1926 George Henry Babb Headteacher of Buckland Brewer Village School

1931 Population 526

1932 Yeo Bridge rebuilt

1932 Formal Union of Wesleyan Methodists, United Methodists (including former Bible Christians) and Primitive Methodists to become the Methodist Church. All services held in the current Methodist Church. The former chapel was used for Primary Sunday school and evening activities

1934 Colin Joslin Headteacher of Buckland Brewer Village School

1938 Miss W M Vaughan Headteacher of Buckland Brewer Village School

1939 Former Chapel, now being used as a Sunday School, is sold for conversion to a Post Office and Stores

1949 Brigadier Pets unveiled the Second World War names on the War Memorial

1952 Mrs E M Smith Headteacher of Buckland Brewer Village School

1956 Andrew Levick Headteacher of Buckland Brewer Village School

1963 Revered Richards becomes vicar of St. Mary and St. Benedict.

1965 The tombstones to the left of the path at St. Mary and St. Benedict were removed and a new flag pole was erected on top of the tower.

1965 Revered G R Richards, vicar of St. Mary and St. Benedict, died.

1966 Chapel at Twitchen Closed

1966 Reverend C. H. Underhill was instituted as vicar of St. Mary and St. Benedict he was the last vicar to live in the village

1971 Population 446

1972 Andrew Wood Headteacher of Buckland Brewer Primary School

2009 The Village Stores and Post Office at Wesley Cottage closed

2011 Population 777

2012 The Community Shop opened in the former vestry of the Methodist Church

2013 Babbs Butchers closed after a century of trading

3 responses to “Timeline

  1. Anita Rayer

    We now live in the old village store, lovely to read about its history

  2. liz270559

    Lovely to see my grandfather’s name there – George Henry Babb – Headmaster in 1926. My mother often used to tell me stories about growing up in the village. I have some old photos too.

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