Buckland Brewer History Group have a large collection of photographs and welcomes donations of copies of more images of Buckland Brewer and its past residents. Ideally these should be scanned and emailed to us at but if this is difficult, do get in touch and we will make other arrangements. Please do not send us your original photographs as we would hate them to get lost or damaged.

We are in the process of indexing our collection and details of the photographs that we hold will appear below. We are happy to share digital copies with those who are interested but please be aware that some of the images are subject to copyright restrictions.


Awaiting cataloguing


C001 Avenue of Trees c 1920
C002 Church from Playing fields c 1920
C003 Church c 1910
C004 Church and Graveyard c 1950
C005 Church and Graveyard c 1960
C006 Church c 1960
C007 Church c 1920
C008 Church from Village Green c 1960
C009 Church in Snow 1965
C010 Church 1982
C011 Church 1982
C012 Church Tower Scaffolded c 1982
C013 Church 2007
C014 Church 2007
C015 Church from Village Green 2008
C016 Church in Snow February 2009
C017 Church in Snow from Playing Fields February 2009
C018 Churchyard in Snow February 2009
C019 Church in Snow February 2009
C020 Church in Snow February 2009
C021 Church in Snow February 2009
C022 Church Interior c 1980
C023 Church Interior c 1980
C024 Inside Church Porch c 1980
C025 Church Interior c 1960
C026 Vicarage c 1910
C027 Vicarage c 1920
C028 Vicarage 1965
C029 John Ingle Dredge – Vicar
C030 Church Interior March 2015
C031 Church Interior March 2015
C015 Church from Village Green 2008

The Church from the Village Green


Awaiting cataloguing


We have photographs of all the gravestones listed as part of our Buried in Buckland project.


S001 School Group c. 1897
S002 Boys’ School Group c 1900
S003 School Group c 1918 older children
S004 School Group c 1918 younger children
S005 School Girls early 1920s
S006 School Boys early 1920s
S007 School Group 1924
S008 Mr Babb’s Class 1926
S009 Miss Friend’s Class 1926
S010 School Group c 1930
S011 School Group 1930-3
S012 School Play 1936-7
S013 School Group 1950-1 1
S014 School Group 1950-1 2
S015 First School Dinners
S016 Torrington County Secondary School 1958
S017 School Group c 1962
S018 School Group 1964-5
S019 School Centenary 1977 1
S020 School Centenary 1977 2
S021 School Building 1970s
S022 Swimming Pool Opening 1
S023 Swimming Pool Opening 2
S024 Swimming Pool Opening 3
S025 Swimming Pool Opening 4
S026 Swimming Pool Opening 5
S027 Ariel View of School c 1970s
S028 Edgehill School Prize Giving 1961
S029 School Building 1965
S030 Sampler by Laura Kivell Worked in 1885
S031 School Group c 1920
S032 School Group late 1920s
S033 School Building 2008
S031 School Group c 1920

School Group c. 1920

Coach and Horses

H001 3 ladies outside Coach and Horses
H002 Morris Dancing outside Coach and horses c 1950
H003 Coach and Horses and Hunt
H004 Coach and Horses
H005 Morris Dancing 1
H006 Morris Dancing 2
H007 Morris Dancing 3
H008 Morris Dancing 4
H009 Morris Dancing 5
H010 Coach and Horses 2008
H011 Coach and Horses postcard 1
H012 Coach and Horses postcard 2
H002 Coach and horses Morris Dancing c 1950s

Morris Dancing c. 1950

Farms and the Parish beyond the Village

F001 Aerial View of Hoarstone 1950s 1950s
F002 Barton Farm Aerial View 1930 1930
F003 Barton Farm 1
F004 Barton Farm 2
F005 Barton Farm 3
F006 Barton Farm 4 1993
F007 Barton Farm Barn 1993
F008 Barton Farm Pig Sties 1993
F009 Bilsford 2007
F010 Cherry Vale 1960s
F011 East Hele Aerial View
F012 Frains 1
F013 Frains 2
F014 Frains 3
F015 Frains 4
F016 Frains 5
F017 Frains 6
F018 Frains 7
F018 Frains 8
F019 Frains Aerial View
F020 Frains from Gorwood Hill April 1957
F021 Frains 9 Nov-53
F022 Goutisland
F023 Car at Goutisland
F024 Harvesting at Waffapool
F025 Holwell Farm
F026 Cottage opposite Buckland Mill 1
F027 Cottage opposite Buckland Mill 2
F028 Cows 1 Summer 1961
F029 Cows 2 Summer 1961
F030 Cyril Andrew and Bill Westcott
F031 Lower Gorwood 2007
F032 Glen Bridge
F033 Orleigh Court
F034 Orleigh Hill
F035 Tractor
F036 Park Farm 1 2007
F037 Park Farm 2 2007
F038 Park Farm 3 2007
F039 Park Farm 4 2007
F040 Park Farm 5
F041 Pigs
F042 Tractor
F043 Cows
F044 Round Hill 1
F045 Round Hill 2
F046 West Hele
F047 Tithacott Mill 2009
F048 Thornhillhead
F049 Town Tenement Farm 1
F050 Town Tenement Farm 2
F051 Town Tenement Farm 3
F052 Tythecott Hill Cottages 1
F053 Tythecott Hill Cottages 2
F054 Fields from Church Tower 2007
F055 Waffapool 1
F056 Waffapool 2
F057 Waffapool 3
F058 West Hele Aerial View 1994
F059 Near Friends c 1920

F035 - Janet Poole


Awaiting cataloguing


Awaiting cataloguing


W001 Village Green before the erection of the War Memorial c 1919
W002 Unveiling the War Memorial 1920
W003 War Memorial c 1920
W004 Unveiling the Second World War Names 1949
W005 War Memorial 2013
W006 Roll of Honour 2014
W007 Requisitioning Ponies in Bideford Market c 1914
W008 Home Guard 1942
W009 Home Guard 1943
W010 Special Constables 1940s
W011 Bert Mules died 1917 c 1915
W012 Frank Prance died 1918 c 1915
W013 George Kent died 1916 c 1915
W014 George Stoneman died 1917 c 1915
W015 Harry Gorrell died 1916 c 1915
W016 James Cock Died 1917 c 1915
W017 William John Littlejohns died 1917 c 1915
W018 Thomas Parkhouse died 1917 c 1915
W019 William Hearn died 1916 1916
W020 Richard William Mitchell died 1915 c 1915
W021 William Shaxon died 1916 c 1915
W022 Walter Branch c 1918
W023 Frank Sines died 1941 c 1940
W024 Eric Mills died 1944 c 1940
W025 Richard Rogers c 1940
W026 Victor Brown c 1940
W027 With Evacuees 1 c 1942
W028 With Evacuees 2 c 1942
W029 With Evacuees 3 c 1942
W030 Evacuees 1 c 1942
W031 Evacuees 2 c 1942
W032 Evacuees 3 c 1942
W033 Evacuees 4 c 1942
W034 Evacuees 5 c 1942
W035 Evacuees 6 c 1942
W002 Unveiling war memorial 1920

Unveiling the War Memorial 1920


N001 Fore Street from the Church Tower 1962
N002 By the Coach and Horses 1962
N003 Top of Tower Hill 1962
N004 Fore Street and Church c 1962
N005 Tower Hill c 1962
N006 Wall of snow c 1962
N007 Drifting Snow c 1962
N008 Church 1965
N009 Through the Lych Gate February 2009
N010 Northwood Lane February 2009
N011 Methodist Church February 2009
N012 Churchyard February 2009
N013 Looking South February 2009
N014 Church February 2009
N015 The Fields February 2009
N016 Church 1 February 2009
N017 Church 2 February 2009
N018 Church 1 18 December 2010
N019 Church 2 18 December 2010
N020 Church 3 18 December 2010
N021 Tower Hill 18 December 2010
N022 Looking South 18 December 2010
N023 Fore Street 18 December 2010
N024 Lych Gate 18 December 2010
N025 Fields 1 18 December 2010
N026 Fields 2 18 December 2010
N027 Fields 3 18 December 2010
N028 Fields 4 18 December 2010
N029 Fields 5 18 December 2010
N030 Graveyard 18 December 2010
N031 Northwood Lane 18 December 2010
N032 Village Green 18 December 2010
N008 Church in snow 1965 WI


12 responses to “Photographs

  1. liz270559

    I would love to see the following photographs if possible
    S008 Mr Babb’s Class 1926
    S009 Miss Friend’s Class 1926
    S010 School Group c 1930
    S011 School Group 1930-3
    S012 School Play 1936-7
    My grandfather was the headmaster Mr Babb and my mother and aunt attended the school too.
    My email address is
    Thanks so much

  2. Louise Harris

    I would very much like to see any images you have of the evacuees to Buckland Brewer during WW2. My dad and his younger brother (both now sadly deceased) were placed at Goutisland (Gusland) Farm. Many thanks. Louise Harris.

  3. Nicola Taw-Oates

    I would love to see the photos you have of Waffapool (1,2,3 and harvesting at Waffapool). Many thanks

  4. Mark Hennessy

    hello do you have any photos of taw cottage / charter house in buckland brewer opp community shop. thanks.

  5. adrian junkison


    I am the current owner of Friends Farmhouse (previously Frains) and would love to receive and photos or information of its history if this is possible please?


    Adrian Junkison

  6. Mrs L Harris

    Hi, would it be possible for you to send me copies of photos WO26,28,29 (with evacuees 1-3) and WO 30,31, 32, 33, 34 and 35 (evacuees 1-6). Many thanks.

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