G is for Gravestones

BB16.26 Webber

Gravestones can Reveal Occupations

As part of the ‘Buried in Buckland’ Project, Buckland Brewer History Group have transcribed and indexed all the memorial inscriptions in the parish’s three churchyards. These are available on our website. We also have photographs of each gravestone. It would take up too much space to upload these to the website but we are happy to provide copies of individual pictures on request.


BB01.06 Lake

Gravestones may give abode


Gravestones can give so much more than just names, ages and dates of death. We have stones that give complex relationships, stones that give abodes and those that record causes of death.

BBW.71 Walter

There may be Causes of Death on Gravestones


BBW.23 Rook

Gravestones Reveal Relationships

There are also memorials that commemorate those who are buried elsewhere or who have no known resting place, perhaps because they were lost at sea or missing in conflict. For these individuals there can be no death certificate or entry in a burial register but their passing may be recorded on a gravestone.

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