Projects and Data

Buried in Buckland A BBHG project recording all the gravestones in the parish of Buckland Brewer. This includes the memorials inside the church and the inscriptions on the war memorial.

Buckland at War A BBHG project to compile mini-biographies for all those with connections to Buckland Brewer, who served in the First World War.

Buckland Brewer 2015 ‘Scrapbook’ This was a community project and we worked with the WI and other institutions and individuals, to produce a record of our parish in the year 2015. This built upon a similar project conducted in 1965 by the local WI. Digital images of both scrapbooks have been put on to a single CD and these are available from us for £5. Any profits will be given to the church tower restoration fund.

Mapping Project members and non-members are studying LIDAR images and identifying features, such as tracks, field boundaries, former buildings and burial grounds. We will then compare our findings to maps and in some cases, follow up interesting findings with field work. Please get in touch if you would like to be involved.

Rural History Project A collaborative project, aiming to produce a rural history of Buckland Brewer and surrounding areas, covering the period 1800-1970. We are looking for help. Do you have photos of Buckland farms that we could use? Do you have information about rural life in our area that you could share via an interview? Could you help with the history of a particular farm? Can you suggest a topic that we might cover (we already have some ideas)? We shall also need volunteers to do research and to write notes or text for the various sections of the proposed book.

Buckland Brewer Trail. We are in the process of producing a ‘Village Trail’, pointing out the places of historic interest in the village.

Your Memories Our History A BBHG project to gather memories of Buckland Brewer in the past from residents and former residents.

Hill Forts A completed BBHG project to survey the two iron age sites in Buckland Brewer. Findings have been submitted to Oxford University’s Hill Forts’ Atlas

Buckland Emigrants An individual project by one of our members.

A list of records that we hold and links to online transcriptions by others can be found here

Details of collaborations with other organisations can be found here.

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