The Committee

The Committee, in office until October 2018, is as follows:-

Chairman Janet Few. I am a local, family and social historian, who works as an historical interpreter. Although I am an incomer to Buckland Brewer, my great great great great grandfather’s sister married someone whose father was baptised in Buckland Brewer – surely that makes me belong? I enjoy finding out more about the people in whose footsteps I tread every day. My particular project is looking at those who left Buckland Brewer for places overseas. For more about my chaotic historical and sometimes hysterical, life see my website.

Vice-Chairman Gill Willett. On my mother’s side I’m a ‘Devon maid’ through and through. Been tracing my family since 2006 and believe in getting my money’s worth from the online sites I subscribe to. Have been known to get up in the morning, get on the computer ‘digging’ and still be there late into the night. I have almost exhausted my own family (there are still a few loose ends which I come back to from time to time) so now I coerce others into letting me dig up their ancestors. As part of the group we have made a map of Buckland Brewer in 1851 using the census and transcribed the gravestones in Buckland Brewer churchyard.

Secretary Lyn Layton and Treasurer Chris Layton. We moved to Buckland Brewer eleven years ago from the Midlands and cannot claim any family connection to Devon.  But we have been made to feel we belong here by the warmth of the people and we’re involved in several village activities.  We live in a very old cottage, which has inspired a curiosity in its history and that of the parish although we can only profess to be enthusiastic amateurs.

Publicity Officer Brenda Mills.

Committee Member Dave Watson.

We have vacancies on this committee and would welcome additional volunteers.


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