Before 1500

The Domesday Survey 1086


Ansgar holds Buckland Brewer from the Count Eadmaer held it T.R.E. and it paid geld for 3 hides, less half a virgate of land. There is land for 20 ploughs. In demesne are 3 ploughs and 7 slaves and 42 villains and 5 bordars with 8½ ploughs. There are 40 acres of meadow and 100 acres of woodland and pasture 1 league long and half a league broad. Formerly as now worth £7 10s.

Galsworthy has been added to this manor. Eadwig held it as 1 manor T.R.E. and it paid geld for half a virgate of land, There is land for 1 plough, which is there, with 3 villains and 20 acres of pasture. Formerly as now worth 10s.

Image thanks to Professor J.J.N. Palmer and George Slater. This image may only be reused under a Creative Commons BY-SA licence.

Thirteenth Century Tithe Return

A thirteenth century Tithe Return from Dublin Cartulary has been transcribed in Seymour, Deryck Torre Abbey (James Townsend and sons 1977). Many of the place names can be ‘translated’ into their modern equivalents.

Decima ecclesie de Bocland

Place       Amount     Modern Name

Thornwiger XXVIIIs Thornwidger

Holewille XLs Holwell

Holelegh XIIs Howley/Holly

Boroddoune Xis Burrough?

Quercichene XVIs

Hethercichene XVIs

Bilisford XXs Bilsford

Kippertonne XXIIs

Hele XIIs Hele

Thornhele Xs Thornhillhead

Cranham XIIs Cranham

Oik IIIs Oak

Leie Xs Ley

Heleluveriche VIIIs IIIId

Beare VIIs Beara or Bearah

Sulclond XIIIs IIIId Silkland

Vielestoune XIIs Vielstone

Orleghe XXXIIIs Orleigh

Schorcterigge Xs Shortridge

Burghe Xs

Taddepute XXIIs

Bogawode XIIs

Clive Xs Cleeve

Duockworthy XXs

Dune XXIs

Tudecote XXXs Tithecott

Guvelandwrang XIIs

Godekingeslond XIIs Goutisland

Duogalleshore XXXVIs Vid

Decima de Bulcworthi Xls IXs*

Decima domini de Bulcworthi XLVIs VIIId

Pucheford XXXVIs Putford

Mambiri XXIIIs Hembury?

Rennecridua XXs

Gardine Xs

Thornputford XXXVIIIs

Northcote et Nortedoune XLs Northdown?

Witslade XXXVIIIs Winslade

Bocland Abbatis LXXIIIs VIIId

Brendoune LVIIIs VId Brendon


* should be IXd

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