Land Tax

Land tax records survive from 1780-1832 and are annual lists of proprietors, occupiers and the tax paid on land holdings. They do not include small cottages that had very little land attached. We shall be putting some transcripts of these records on to our website for the benefit of researcher. The spelling is often imaginative. We have therefore attempted to clarify place and personal names by adding interpretations in brackets. We have also added some further detail to some pace names to help to distinguish between properties with the same or similar names.

1781 proprietors
1781 occupiers
Addypitt Mrs Smith John Lashbrook
Ashtons Mary Jefford Mary Jefford
Bearah Christopher Harvey Christopher Harvey
Bearah (Higher Bearah) John Davie John Norman
Bell Jane Dennis Christopher Moyse
Benjes (Bengys) William Matthews William Matthews
Bilsford Mr Turner John Avery
Bilsford Mr Walkey John Avery
Bilsford James Downing Robert Newcomb
Binjes (Bengys) John Caddy John Caddy
Borrough Mr Fortescue Mr Fortescue
Braddon William Bright (Blight) William Bright (Blight)
Braddon & Fire Beacon Mr Turner Mr Turner
Braddon other William Bright (Blight) William Bright (Blight)
Braddon Park & Wrange Mr Turner Mr Turner
Brinon (Brendon) & Northdown Mr Downing Hugh Jenkin
Budah James Avery James Avery
Bulkworthy Wood Mr Moyse Mr Moyse
Cannapark Philip Stapledon John Martin
Castle Mr Caddy Mr Caddy
Champions John Abbott
Cleave John Lewis John Lewis
Coach & Horses John Caddy William Ward
Collacotts Mrs Ause John Tallamy
Collings Down John Davie Robert Courtice
Collings Down Edward Balsdon Edward Balsdon
Coppice Dennis Waller Dennis Waller
Cortices Mr Ley Emmanuel Phillips
Dean’s Moor John Stapledon John Stapledon
Dibbs Mr Pike John Shapton
Eakworthy Richard Bond Richard Bond
East Eckworthy Robert Heal Robert Heal
East Heal John Rowland William Cole
Excises Mr Williams Officer of excise
Ford James Avery James Avery
Freans (Frains Ashtons) John Evins John Evins
Freans (Frains/Friends) John Saltern Samuel Norman
Fulford’s John Trathen John Trathen
Furstes (Futches Pudderidge) John Lang John Lang
Furze Park Meadow John Davie George Dennis
Galsworthy William Hartnol William Hartnol
Galsworthy (Saltren’s Galsworthy) Mr Lestarns (Saltren) Emmanuel Phillips
Galsworthy (Smith’s Galsworthy) Henry Stevens John Stapledon
Galsworthy (South Galsworthy) John Stapledon John Stapledon
Gatton’s Down John Davie John Norman
Goodaclapper William Moyse William Moyse
Gorwood (Lower Gorwood) Mr Turner Mr Turner
Gowland John Squire John Squire
Greenin (Greenings) John Caddy John Caddy
Greenings Barton Mrs Ause John Arc
Gusland and Rosepark Mrs Ause John Baily
Gusland Mill Mrs Ause John Baily
Hembury John Goodanew John Goodanew
Higher Craneham Christopher Harvey Christopher Harvey
Higher Twitchin Mrs Ause John Baily
Hilladown Henry Cole Henry Cole
Hills Mary Jefford Mary Jefford
Holwill Mr Reed James Jenkin
Hoopers Walter Williams Walter Williams
Hores John Caddy John Caddy
Howe’s William Tucker William Tucker
Howly (Holly) Mr Pike John Shapton
John’s Hompry Cole Hompry Cole
Kennocks Mrs Ause John Tallamy
Ley Mr Hatherley ? Hugh Jenkin
Linch Henry Cole Henry Cole
Little Barton Mrs Ause John Arc
Little Braddon Mr Turner Philip Stapledon
Littler Borrough Alice Palmer Alice Palmer
Lower Chraneham Christopher Harvey Christopher Harvey
Lower Eakworthy John Irons John Balsdon
Lower Twitchin Mrs Ause John Martin
Lower Velson Mrs Ause John Tallamy
Luxtons Gorwood Mr Turner Adam Tucker
Manings (Coles Manning) Henry Cole William Hockin
Middle Twitchin Mrs Ause John Martin
Mill (Buckland Mill) Henry Cole Henry Cole
Mill (Orleigh Mill) John Davie George Dennis
Mill Tenement Mrs Ause John Tallamy
Mill Tenement (Tithecott Mill) William Bright (Blight) William Bright (Blight)
Nattemoor John Davie Robert Courtice
North Down Adams Mrs Ause John Baily
North Galsworthy John Davie Robert Courtice
North Heal Mr Lame Philip Stapledon
Northdown Mrs Ause John Baily
Northwood John Caddy John Caddy
Oak Thomas Abbott John Evins
Orleigh John Davie John Davie
Other Bearah (Lower Bearah) Christopher Harvey Christopher Harvey
Other Gorwood (Higher Gorwood) Mr Turner Mr Turner
Other Wrangworthy John Stapledon John Stapledon
Park Mr Turner Adam Tucker
Pasmores William Bright (Blight) William Bright (Blight)
Peckards John Goodanew John Goodanew
Pickards part William Bright (Blight) William Bright (Blight)
Pudredge John Lang John Lang
Pudredge Mr Turner Mr Turner
Punkery Place (Prankers Place) John Goodanew John Goodanew
Reckards part Mrs Ause John Tallamy
Records (Pudderidge Rickards) James Rickard John Lang
Rickards William Stapledon Pen Row
Risons Richard Bond Richard Bond
Rosegrove (Rose in grove) Mary Lang William Lemon
Rowcliffe Henry Stepens esq William Fulford
Rowcliffes Mrs Ause John Trathen
Sheaf Tithe Mrs Ause Mr Paxton
Shortridge John Davie John Norman
Silkland Hompry Cole Hompry Cole
Smith’s Collinsdown John Davie Robert Courtice
Southwood John Abbott William Fulford
Splatt Mr Pike John Shapton
Spurs Philip Sanders Philip Sanders
Thorn Henry Cole John Lashbrook
Thorn John Rowcliffe John Rowcliffe
Thorn (Thornwidger) Raymond Seldon Thomas Ward
Thornhillhead Mr Turner Mr Turner
Thornwidger John Caddy John Benet
Thythecott John Goodanew John Goodanew
Twitchin John Stapledon John Stapledon
Veales Goorwood George Veale Thomas Hockridge
Velson & Tithecott John Tallamy & John Trathen John Tallamy & John Trathen
Vicarage The Church Mr Paxton
Wattertown William Bright (Blight) William Bright (Blight)
West Heal Mr Clark Joseph Lewis
Woodhall (Woodwall) Bartholomew Parkhouse John Moore
Wrangworthy John Stapledon John Stapledon
Wrangworthy (Flexman’s Wrangworthy) John Stapledon John Stapledon