Buried in Buckland

The ‘Buried in Buckland’ project has attempted to photograph and make full transcriptions of, all the gravestones in the three churchyards of Buckland Brewer parish. In all, there are nearly 800 memorials. Thanks go to the PCC of St. Mary and St. Benedict, without whose hard work and support these pages would not exist. Acknowledgement and thanks are also due to the late Marjorie Snetzler, who had hoped to accomplish this project herself and whose transcriptions of the burial registers have proved invaluable.

These transcripts have been produced to aid those seeking burial plots or gravestones in the churchyards of Buckland Brewer. We maintain a database of all the names recorded on the stones. More than 1900 names appear on the memorials. We have done our best to decipher the worn stones and to read those that are difficult to access but this has not always been possible. What follows is as complete and as accurate as possible, given the condition of the stones at the time of the transcript. The transcripts have been checked but we cannot be responsible for any errors or omissions. Please let us know if you feel that we have made any mistakes. Since this list was first compiled, we have returned to add details of new graves but please be aware that some of the stones we transcribed are no longer in situ or have become overgrown or illegible.

The gravestones have been cross-referenced with the burial registers and any additional information has been added to the database, which is held by BBHG. Please note that discrepancies between the information on the stone and that in the burial register are not unusual. If these transcripts have been helpful please consider making a donation to St. Mary and St. Benedict or to the Methodist Church with whom it works closely. We are hoping to add comments about individual stones to our data. If you have any further information or, even better, photographs of those commemorated, please get in touch. If additional information is available the reference number will be in bold. To access additional details or to obtain a copy of the photograph of a particular gravestone please contact us using the contact box on the home page.

St. Mary and St. Benedict Graveyard. This is attached to the Anglican Church but also served the Methodist community.

Thornhillhead Methodist Church. This was formerly a Bible Christian Chapel.

Eckworthy Baptist Chapel. This church and graveyard are now closed and in private ownership.

2 responses to “Buried in Buckland

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  2. Una Atkins

    Oh so many family members buried in Buckland Brewer. My 3 x Great Grandparents – William and Thirza Sanders. Thank you to the person/persons who have done this. Much appreciated from ‘down under’

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