The Fallen

War Memorial

James Cock

James Cock d. 23 Nov 1917

Harry Gorrell

Harry Gorrell 26 Sept 1916

William Hearn

William Hearn d. 3 June 1916

George Albert Kent

George Kent d. 8 Dec 1916

William John Littlejohns

John Littlejohns d. 26 Oct 1917

Richard William Mitchell

William Mitchell d. 15 Feb 1915

Thomas Parkhouse

Thomas Parkhouse d. 3 Feb 1917

Frank Prance

Frank Prance d. 5 Oct 1918

William Shaxon

William Shaxon d. 1 July 1916

George Stoneman

George Stoneman d. 10 Nov 1917

John Thomas Bowden, Frank A Colwill, Mark Heddon, Richard Horrell, George Lake, John Henry Lake, Job Prouse Frank  Rowe and Frank Withecombe, all of whom had connections with Buckland Brewer also perished but are not listed on the war memorial.


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