Buckland at War

Roll of Honour

The Buckland Brewer war memorial lists ten men from the parish who lost their lives in the First World War. The names of a further sixty two men who served appear on the Roll of Honour in the church. In addition, we have identified another seventeen men whose names we feel should have been included; eight of whom also perished during the war. We also have a record of one lady who served as a VAD nurse.

Members of the community and other volunteers have been working, for the past three years, to gather biographical detail about these individuals. Their lives will be commemorated during a parish event on Sunday 11 November 2018. We are looking for volunteers to take responsibility for conveying a poppy representing one of these ninety one people from the property with which they were associated to the church on 11 November 2018. Part of this journey can be made by car if desired. You may like to represent a family member or someone who lived in your house. If you would like to take part in this important and emotional Buckland Brewer event please get in touch. You may ask to represent a particular one of those named below (first come first served) or express a willingness to be poppy bearer and we will allocate you an individual.

Andrew, Thomas Edward of Silkland

Badcock or Baddick, Stanley

Balkwill, William John ‘John’ of Rose-in-grove

Bealey, Frank of East Hele

Bell, Albert of the School House

Blight, Montague of Collinsdown

Blight, Percy of Ashton’s Row

Bowden, John Thomas † of West Wrangworthy

Branch, Wallace of Ashton’s Row

Branch, William ‘Willie’ of Ashton’s Row

Branch, William Henry of Rickard’s Row

Braund, Edgar James of The Old Post Office, Greenings Terrace

Braund, William Henry of Gusland

Brock, Frederick of Rolle Terrace

Brock, Norman of Rolle Terrace

Brock, Thomas of Rolle Terrace

Brock, William James of Rolle Terrace

Bruce, Gladys Isabel Hamilton ‘Isabel’ of The Glen

Cleverdon, Frank of Milford

Cleverdon, Richard of Milford

Cock,  James † of Gorwood

Colwill,  Austin John Henry James of Oke, Beara, Rickard’s Row, Kelvinstool and Gaydon’s Down

Colwill, Frank A † of Oke

Colwill, George Henry of Tythecott Mill

Cornish, Andrew John of Higher Thorne

Cornish, Frederick William of Higher Thorne

de Courcey Ireland, Gerald Blakeney of The Vicarage

de Courcey Ireland, Lawrence Kilmaine of The Vicarage

de Courcey Ireland, Stanley of The Vicarage

Dymond, Albert William of Waffapool

Dymond, Charles Henry of Buckland Mill, Hembury and Waffapool

Ede, William of Glen Cottage

Elston, John Edgar ‘Jack’ of Coach & Horses’ Cottage

Elston, William of Orleigh Court Cottage

Evely, Frank Page of Castle

Fishleigh, John Andrew ‘Andrew’ of Galsworthy

Fishleigh, Thomas of Galsworthy

Gay, William Henry of Lower Gorwood

Gilbert, Frederick George of Gaydon’s Down

Gilbert, Joseph William of Gaydon’s Down

Gilbert, Thomas Alfred of Gaydon’s Down

Gilbert, Albert Victor of Gaydon’s Down

Gorrell, Henry ‘Harry’ † of Cleave and North Hele

Gorrell, William of Southwood

Harris, Frank M of South Green

Harris, Percy of Holwell Farm and Milford

Hearn, Charles Thomas of Cherrivale Lake

Hearn, George of Bilsford

Hearn, John Thomas of Bilsford

Hearn, William † of Bilsford

Hearn, William James of Galsworthy Cottage

Hedden, Harry of Halsbury Barton

Hedden, Mark † of Halsbury Barton

Hockin Lee, William of South Green

Horrell, Richard † of Bilsford

Hurford, Frank of Tower Hill

Johns, Charles of Tythecott

Johns, James of Tythecott Hill

Johns, William Henry of Hele Green and 2 Rickards Row

Kent, Alfred John of Horas

Kent, Dennis of Horas

Kent, George Albert † of Barcot

Kent, Mark of Barcot

Lake, George † of Buckland Mill

Lake, John Henry † of Buckland Mill

Leverton, Harold W of Shaptons, Churchgate Cottage and Council Cottages

Leverton, Sidney J of Churchgate Cottage

Littlejohns, William John † of Burrough Farm

Lyle, Albert of Coach & Horses

Male, Percy of Silkland

Metherell, Charles Walter of Southwood

Metherell, George Henry of Southwood and Town Tenement Farm

Mitchell, John Thomas ‘Tom’ of Putridge and Barton Farm

Mitchell, Richard William ‘William’ † of Putridge, Eckworthy Farm and Tithecott Cottage

Mitchell, Thomas of Shortridge

Mules, Herbert William of Rolle Terrace

Nicholls, Frederick of Spurs

Palmer, William of Gorwood

Parkhouse, Thomas † of Gorwood, Tower Hill, Town Tenement Cottage (Meadow View) & North Hele

Penhale, George Henry of Barcot

Prance, Frank † of Town Tenement

Prouse, Job † of Ashton’s Row and Rickard’s Row

Rendle, Thomas Alfred ‘Tom’ of Lake’s Cottage and Ashton’s Row

Rowe, Frank †  of Buckland Brewer Village

Scoynes, Robert Henry of Buda and Tithecott

Shaxon, William † of Frains

Shaxton, Studley of Rowes Cottages

Short, Thomas John of Bilsford and Canna Park

Sines, Charles W of Rowes Cottages and Shortridge

Stoneman, George † of Park

Withecombe, Frank † of North Hele


7 responses to “Buckland at War

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  5. Penny Voyce (née Evely)

    My father, William Charles Evely, his ashes are near the church. I think Frank Page Evely maybe a relation but not sure. Dad used to call the tree which used to be near the gate the ‘umbrella’ tree and he was born in Buckland Brewer. Would like to know if frank was a relation. Dad’s mum was called Nellie Elizabeth Evely.

  6. Penny Voyce

    Thanks dor the reply. Are there any of frank and nellie’s family buried in the churchyard? I have a vague memory of looking at other tombstones but not sure. Am in the process of putting a family tree together so any info you have would be good. I didn’t know Nellie was a Kelly.

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