Recovered Gravestone but whose is it?

L LWe recently managed to retrieve yet another gravestone from a local garden. It is not very informative, merely bearing the initials L L. We looked through the burial registers for this unusual combination of initials and came up with the following:- Lulalia Legg was buried on 8 Mar 1738/9 but this stone is the wrong style for such an early date. Louisa Lake was buried on 30 July 1837 at the age of 28. She has an existing stone and it is a very different typeface, so this is not a companion stone; it is anyway too large for a footstone, being standard gravestone size. Louisa Lewis died in 1909 and there is no surviving stone however her husband George had pre-deceased her in 1892, so it seems unlikely that a stone would commemorate Louisa and not George as well. This left Lucy Ley who was buried on 11 Oct 1872 aged 21. We cannot be absolutely certain but it seems that this is likely to be her memorial. In 1871 she was living with her parents, James and Ann, at Dennis’ Cottages, which were probably where the current Methodist Church is now. The stone has been returned to the graveyard.

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