Our Visit to Orleigh Court

This month saw the first in a series of summer visits as we were welcomed to Orleigh Court, the past home of Buckland’s ‘Lord of the Manor’. This Grade 1 listed building is famed for, amongst other things, reputedly being in continuous habitation longer than any other home in the country. The earliest record of an ‘Orlege’, is in the late tenth century. The various phases of the current building were explained; Victorian, Georgian and Medieval. It was awe inspiring to realise that parts of the current building were standing at the time of the Black Death. The Medieval hall, with its hammer beam roof and enormous doorway was much admired. Here live the ‘Orleigh Dogs’, ten heraldic carvings, not all of which are canines, that have been at Orleigh since the time of the Spanish Armada and which form part of the building’s listing.

The Orleigh Dogs

The Orleigh Dogs

The house has been home to, amongst others, the Dennis (1198-1641), Davie (1684-1807) and Rogers (1869-1944) families and it has now been subdivided between a number of residents. Some of the roof space is shared with 300 lesser horseshoe bats. Many thanks to Linda who showed us round, provided an excellent written summary of the building’s history and lovely refreshments as well.

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