Rogers’ History of Buckland Brewer back in print

DSCF2404This history of our parish, written in the 1930s by W H Rogers, was reprinted a few years ago by the late Marjorie Snetzler. When these copies ran out, BBHG decided that it was time to organise a new edition. It is now available. This version has been completely re-set, in a clearer typeface and with different illustrations. Copies will be on sale at our meetings, at village events and will shortly be obtainable online via our Parish Chest stall. For other ways to obtain a copy by post, please get in touch. £5 each, plus postage if applicable. Profits will go to local causes. We know that out there somewhere is a lady who, before Christmas, paid for a copy, to be sent to her friend. We are really sorry but we seem to have mislaid your address. Please get in touch if this was you, or if you were a recipient of the two Blight books as a Christmas present as we think the book was intended for you – thank you.


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