U is for Unseen Documents

There are many documents relating to Buckland Brewer that we are unable to look at. Some of these are in private hands. Others are in record repositories but due to staff shortages, remain un-catalogued so we do not know they are there. Others have been sold by dealers but have been beyond our budget; they are now in personal collections.

We would love to have a more complete picture of Buckland’s history, If you have documents, such as deeds or photographs, please consider letting us have sight of these. We do not want to keep them, if you live locally, they don’t even need to leave your hands. We can scan them on the spot. You will keep your document and it will be unscathed and we can add to our archive that is available to all the a love of the history of Buckland Brewer. It will also ensure that copies of these documents are preserved in perpetuity.


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