T is for Tithe Records

Tithe Maps were drawn up in the 1830s and 1840s as part of the process of reforming the tithe system. The maps do vary in quality, some surveys being more accurate than others. There were three copies of each parish map. One, for the parish, may still be held locally or will have found its way into the County Record Office. The second, bishop’s, copy is usually in the Diocesan Record Office (frequently the same building as the County Record Office). The final copy, that of the Tithe Redemption Commission, is now in Class IR30 in The National Archives. There is no locally held copy of the Buckland Brewer map.

TitheThe accompanying Tithe Schedules allow you to identify the owners, occupiers, area, land use and value of each numbered plot on the map. The schedules are housed with the maps. The National Archives’ copies are in Class IR29. The tithe records can be very helpful when trying to associate 1841 census entries with specific buildings. One drawback is that sub tenancies may not be apparent. In addition, some rows of cottages were grouped together in one plot number and the occupiers may be listed as, for example, ‘Robert Clarke and others’.

We are very fortunate as The Friends of Devon Archives have index the Tithe Schedules for Devon. We have a copy of the Buckland Brewer Schedule.



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