C is for Census Returns

We hold copies of the census returns for Buckland Brewer for each decade from 1841-1911. In theory, these list all those who spent census night in Buckland Brewer for each return. The information that was collected varies slightly from decade to decade, with the 1841 census being the least informative. The remainder show how individuals are related to the head of household, their ages, marital statuses, occupations and places of birth. Although the names of the farms are often given, the addresses for those in the village itself are frequently just given as ‘village’, making it difficult to associate households with specific properties. Nonetheless, the censuses have been used, along with other documents, to try to recreate full residential histories of the homes within the parish. postcard by Rolle Terrace + children
We have looked at occupations in Buckland Brewer, the geographical origins of our residents and the changing composition of the households. We have drawn a map of the village showing where, we believe, people lived in 1851, based on the census information. The detailed returns from earlier censuses, taken from 1801-1831, do not survive but the statistical information does. Useful information can be found on the Histpop and Vision of Britain websites.




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