B is for Books


There have been a number of books written about the history of Buckland Brewer. Those that we are aware of are listed on the bottom of the history page on our website. The History Group has copies of almost all of these.

There are also a number of useful books for those wanting to trace the history of a place, those that follow are just a selection.

Bristow, Joy The Local Historian’s Glossary of Words and Terms (Countryside Books 2001).

Brooks, Pamela How to Research Local History (How to Books 2006).

Dymond, David Researching and Writing History: a guide for local historians (Carnegie Publishing Ltd. 2009).

Few, Janet Putting your Ancestors in their Place: a guide to one place studies (Family History Partnership 2014).

Fowler, Simon Starting out in Local History (Countryside Books 2001).

Friar, Stephen The Local History Companion (The History Press 2001).

Hawgood, David One-Place Genealogy (David Hawgood 2001).

Hey, David Family History and Local History in England (Longman 1987).

Hey, David The Oxford Companion to Local and Family History (2nd edition Oxford University Press 2010).

Hoskins, W G and Hey, David Local History in England (Longmans 1984).

Iredale, David and Barrett, John Discovering Local History (Shire Publications 1999).

Porter, Stephen Exploring Urban History: sources for local historians (Batsford Ltd. 1991).

Richardson, John The Local Historian’s Encyclopedia (3rd edition Historical Publications Ltd. 2003).

Riden, Philip Local History: a handbook for beginners (2nd edition Merton Priory Press 1998).

Riden, Philip Record Sources for Local History (Batsford 1987).

Stephens, W B Sources for English Local History (revised edition Cambridge University Press 1981).

Tiller, Kate English Local History: an introduction (Alan Sutton 1992).

Williams, Michael A Researching Local History: the human journey (Longman 1996).

Yorke, Trevor The English Village Explained (Countryside Books 2011).


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  1. history is so essential. look at all those books! i love finding out about the past.

    happy b day!

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