Visit to the Record Office

Yesterday 15 BBHG members visited the North Devon Record Office, which also houses the Local Studies Library and the Athenaeum. The first excitement was when two of our members, who were joining the party from South Devon, found that they knew another member through a Hertfordshire connection! The staff took us behind the scenes to show us their various domains and then let us loose on various documents relating to Buckland Brewer. We saw the oldest document on the premises, a charter dating from 1189. Sadly, about 25% of the holdings are un-catalogued and are likely to remain so for some time, due to staffing cuts.


Members pored over maps, excited to identify their homes. There was much discussion over a map of 1888, whilst we tried to make sense of the centre of the village, where several extra buildings seem to have materialised.

There will be a full report of our visit in our next newsletter and I am sure many of the group will be returning to the Record Office to conduct their own research.



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  1. Jill & Bernard Johnson

    Both of us very much enjoyed this behind the scenes opportunity to see how the three sections combined to provide an extremely comprehensive service.
    I am sure we will be returning again in the not to distant future.
    Jill & Bernard Johnson

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